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Coudert Y., Le T.V.A., Gantet P.
Rice: a model plant to decipher the hidden origin of adventitious roots
Plant roots: the hidden half
CRC Press, Third edition, Taylor and Francis, Beeckman T. and  Eshel A. (Eds.), 17 avr. 2013 - 848 p.

Autres publications
Ngo T.X., Nguyen T.D., Nguyen T.M.H., Nguyen T.D.,  Gantet P., Bellafiore S.
Study on rice rootknot nematode (Meloidogyne spp.) in Vietnam
Plant Protection Journal, 2012, vol 1: 25-30 (ISSN 0868-2801, in Vietnamese)

Publications internationales:


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Iranian Journal of Biotechnology. 2013 November; 11(4): 251-9.
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Nanotechnologies- Sciences des matériaux

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Water- Environment-Océanography

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Other publications with mention of USTH affiliations

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