Consortium d’Etablissements Français d’Enseignement Supérieur et de Recherche pour le développement de l’USTH


The Consortium plays an active part in the USTH project : it hosts Vietnamese PhD students in its research laboratories. The students who are granted a three-year scholarship by the Vietnamese authorities have the opportunity to write a thesis in one of the six subject areas offered by USTH. They will then become researchers-lecturers at USTH.


More than an hundred PhD students have been hosted in French research centres and laboratories since 2009. The target is to train 400 PhD students over a ten- year period.


2009 : 23 PhD students.
2010 : 20 PhD students.
2011 : 21 PhD students.
2012 : 34 PhD students.
2013 : 19PhD students.

Total : 117


By 2020 : 400 PhD graduates.